Monday, August 15, 2011

A little bit of this and that...

I've been a little lame in my posting lately and not because I choose to be. I've just had so much going on that this has taken a back burner to it all.

The weekend was my longest bike ride yet!! 88 miles in 5 Hours. Then I hoped off the bike and managed to keep a 9:30 min/mile ave for my run. This was such a confidence booster for me as I was thinking I didn't have it in me to run a marathon after my IM bike. I felt like jello but felt like I could just run on auto pilot. It felt that good to run after my bike! I kept up with my nutrition which I think had a major factor in that nice run.

Yesterday I volunteered at Our local tri clubs featured event, Caz Tri in Cazenovia, NY. What a blast I had. I body marked. Even my daughter helped. I knew a few that she marked because she put a few S's (for sprint) backwards on some calves. Also she made a mistake with a number on a womens calf, scratched it off and then started underneath it!! Oh my god it was hysterical. Thank god the women thought it was funny, and cute too!! I then led the bikers in and out of transition. So much fun to see the action up front!

I have been frustrated lately. My coach has recently told us that she will no longer be coaching with Train-this and she will be moving onto bigger and better things with QT2 systems. While Im happy for her, I am stumped at where I go from here. I now know what I am truely looking for in a coach and would like to pursue other avenues. Not that my coach wasn't good to me, but feel I need more. I have been looking into a few coaches in the area. Its hard to choose as its about personality as well as how my coach can help me with my training. I don't know what my plans are after my Full Iron Distance race. But I know I want to keep doing tris in the future. This is definately one of the toughest decisions for me.

I have been really internalizing my races this year and have cried a few times as I feel like the spark and fun that I used to feel has somewhat dwindled. I still get excited dont get me wrong but its not like it used to be. I had fun on my 10 +mile run yest, I had fun on my bike ride, but when Im racing, Im losing my spark. This is where I need to find it again.

Is this normal when training for an Ironman?

I hope it can come before October....


  1. Nice job on the 5 hour ride followed by a run... Awesome!

  2. :( Oh Kristin... it's totally normal sweetie! Ironman training is such a mental battle. Don't feel like you are doing something wrong or that you are alone in that. It's hard. And it sucks some times. Keep strong and know that the spark will come back... I promise!

    I love that you volunteered with your daughter. I would have loved a backward "S"... too cute!

  3. Love your header pic!! I feel like I fell off the face of the Earth. Can I blame it on the training? Yep! And I think that is probably why the spark isn't always there for you too. IM training takes sooooo much out of you mentally and physically and sometimes it is hard to see that. From what I can see, you are doing great and you are right on track. I can't wait for you to do B2B. I know someone else who is also doing it. She is from Georgia.

  4. Congrats on your new longest ride! I just did my longest (76mi) last weekend. Are you still finding sparks with the "new longest distances?" I hope your answers on what next come easily!

  5. I think least, Im going through it too. Stay strong, it will all be worth it :-)