Thursday, August 18, 2011

2 months and counting!

I have a little over 2 months left until my Full Ironman Distance Race!! Woo hoo!!

I am scared....I am excited that its almost here....Im nervous...Im glad...You know how it goes!

My job is up and booming already. My schedule is full with patients! I cannot believe how busy this practice is! Its like a mini ER/Urgent care! While Im glad I am busy, today was one of those days I felt like I knew S*it. I had some of the weirdest complaints today. But I guess it wasn't just me today, it was everyone in the practice having a weird day. Is it a full moon??

With work in full swing again, it definately has taken my training in a different direction. Yes, I loved my 3 months of training, eating, sleeping, Only. Now I have to plan to get up at 4 am, Make sure Im eating healthy (Which hasn't been too good with Drug reps bringing you Lunch EVERY DAY! Willpower anyone?!) Make sure my daughter is safe and taken care of, plan a late night workout if needed. Phew...

Im wondering what I will do when my life isnt so chaotic for a few months after B2B??

For now, Im focusing on our amazing vacation trip for 11 days starting next Tuesday to Orlando, FL!!! I will be bringing my wetsuit, bathing suit and running shoes with me!! Of course there is no where for me to bike but coach has me doing what I can for the next 2 weeks. Im nervous Ill lose some of my fitness!!! OMG! why did I plan this RIGHT before B2B?!!

Then, when I get back, its big rides, then taper for Syracuse 70.3!!!

69 days until I step foot in North Carolina!!!! 


  1. You will be fine on vacation! Just go enjoy the peace and quiet and do the workouts your coach has assigned.

    I am so excited for your long course race! Go get 'em girl!

  2. You actually probably did the smartest thing giving your body a rest from the bike! Enjoy the swimming, the running (good heat acclimitization!) and FAMILY time...good for mental state, friend!!

  3. Eeeek... so exciting! And I know the furry of emotions that you are feeling... all normal! ;)

    Glad that work is up and going. Hopefully the busyness will keep your mind off things! And have a fabulous vacation. Are you hitting up disney??? :)