Monday, August 1, 2011

Delta Lake Olympic Race Recap

I am still reviewing my results and am grateful I am able to have such a supportive boyfriend that lets me go swim, bike, run when I need/want to. I am grateful to be able to do what I love besides my job! It makes my whole well being better.

I got to race in Rome, NY yesterday at Delta Lake State Park. This lake is very serene. No chop, and really clear!

I did my usual pre race breakfast 2 hours before the race. Loaded up the Jeep and we were off. It was about a hour drive from our house so we left around 6am. We went past the exit in Utica to get to the park, stopped at McDonalds to ask directions and the guy was getting me all confused.

We got back in the car and found the exit. See last year I used my GPS in the car but since our last out of state excursion I haven't been able to find it. I had to use Mapquest which was very confusing.

We finally got to the Lake at 7:20am and I had about 25 min to set up my transition and get my timing chip. I was nervous, but excited to be racing with a ton of people I knew.

My friend Kathy and I in Transition

I was seated in the second wave with all the intermediate female swimmers. 68 of us. It was nice we were all swimming together. The water was about 74 degrees. Perfect conditions. It was a 2 loop course. I had a hard time sighting on the way back in as the sun was directly in front of me swimming in.

Swim time: 28:34                      Compared to same swim last year at 33:08

T1- We had more people racing this year so transition was moved and was a longer run.

T1- 1:08                                 2010 T1- 0:57

Bike- The bike was a 2 loop out and back rolling hill course. I did 2 1/2 hours of biking the day before so I didn't know how my legs were going to tolerate the bike. I did really well on the 1st loop but could tell I was slowing on the 2nd loop. There was a lot of drafting going on and I even yelled at a girl in my AG for passing me on the right!!! Come to find out she was the 1st placer in my AG. She should know the rules!!

Bike time: 1:07:52                 Compared to last years bike at 1:10:11

I was proud of that bike on tired legs..I felt good and my nutrition was spot on!

T2- Took my feet out of my shoes on the bike and hopped off!

T2- 0:51                              Last year 0:39

Run- The run was changed a little as well. Still remained a 3 loop course but we went through some trails where the roots werent very good. I started running and feeling so good I felt like I was flying! The next 2 well, I tripped on a root and slid across the ground a couple feet. I just stood there shocked that I just skidded across the ground. A lady behind me helped me up and said come on you can do it, keep going. My leg hurt and I was limping. I stopped for a minute to gain my composure and said to myself you are having a great race, don't let this get to you and kept running.
Here are the splits:

1st 2.1 miles- 17:16                Last year 18:30
2nd 2.1 miles- 18:28               Last year 19:00
3rd 2.1 miles-  18:05              Last year 19:18

I didn't negative split like I would've liked to but it was a much better run than last year!

Time 2:33:08!!! 
6/16 in AG
15th OA women
Fastest BIKE split in AG!!!

Last year 2:41:41

A 8 MIN PR!!! I now can see that my running is coming along. I have been crying to my coach telling her I suck at running and I need to be faster but I am making small gains which I totally can see now! I need to believe in myself and it all falls into place! I even made the Utica Paper!! click sports Lake Delta and you will see my pic!

Next up this weekend is IRON GIRL and I totally have to bring my game because there are some fast chicks out there now!!!

Happy Training!


  1. Oh hello speed demon. You crushed it and that swim improvement is INSANE and on top of it all you improved in all 3 categories.

    That is awesome. Great job.

  2. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Way to go!!! Amazing times!!!! you are an inspiration!!!

  3. Woohoo! Nice job on your race and PR!!!

  4. Congrats on the PR!! See ya Sunday! I'll be the one in the back : )

  5. Awesome job!! You totally kicked ass!

  6. Holy crap... you kicked major butt Kristin! :) And that bike split was SMOKING fast! So impressed!

  7. Congratulations on a fantastic race!