Sunday, June 15, 2014

Green Lakes Sprint Triathlon Recap

Its well over a week since the start of my triathlon racing. The blog has taken a back burner to this thing called life. I thought I would put down some thoughts in writing

I have been living pretty much paleo for the last 6 months. Seeing a significant drop in weight and an increase in fitness, I knew I had a fighting chance to stay with the upper pack at this race. I actually signed up for this race last minute and was glad it was still open for me to register!

I came to the race with significant training. I have been training long through the winter and now as the weather has warmed up, I have been managing to get some long bikes in. One thing I knew that was lacking was my overall swim time. I knew I could do the distance, but to get a respectable time, I wasn't so sure about. I felt I would just do what I thought I could and let the rest fall into place.

I have adjusted alot of race fueling to stay pretty much paleo, which has been a feet in itself to find anything that doesn't have soy or milk, or rice in it.

I came up with a plan to stick with Almond butter, Banana and Organic Applesauce pre-race. I also downed Fluid and then went with water.

I got to the venue well ahead of schedule. If I had known it was assigned racks, I wouldn't have been so early but it helped calm the race nerves, get to the bathroom a few times, and get a quick swim in before the race started.


I situated myself midpack in the front. I didn't know what I had in me, but figured I'd start out in front and try to grab onto someones feet and hang on. That strategy went out the window after the first 200m. I got around the first clustered buoy and had to weave through a few men and women doing the back stroke, side stroke and whatever else stroke. After I passed them, I was in the clear, but had a hard time sighting the last buoy at the end.
I managed approx 13 min swim for 800m. But with transition up about 500 yds from the Swim, I managed a 14:45 (ave 1:41/100m) 5th/15 in AG

My strongest of the events. I figured I would go out hard and try to hang on as it was a sprint. A few climbs around 9 and 10 mile mark were a little tough, but nothing that wasn't manageable. I just tried to keep a good cadence, keep my nutrition up and focus on the next part of the race.
Time: 35:27 (Ave 21.25MPH) 1/15 in AG

I got off the bike feeling strong. People were telling me I was 12th female. I was thinking OMG I didn't see these girls at all!! How the heck?! Ok, no worries, try your best to reel in a few. I took a little extra time in transition as I went by my rack! WHOOPS! I was feeling a little stiff and crampy off the bike. Took a gel and water at the first aid station, just kept on focusing on quick turnover and my breathing. Around the bend a man yelled at me that I was 11th female, I quickly started looking for #10. I caught her about mile 2.5 and held on until the end. Come to find out, I was 11th overall.
Time: 25:40 (8:17/mi) 2/15 in AG

Overall time: 1:15:52- 11th OA female, 3rd AG 30-34
Overall 79/344
Females 11/146

Happy Training!!

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