Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mountain Goat Run Recap

This past Sunday, I ran one of Syracuse's most premier races, The Mountain Goat Run. This is a challenging 10 mile course through the streets of Syracuse.

The weather: 40 degrees with overcast, spotty rain showers likely. I was debating on what to wear all the way up to the start. The wind was a factor in making the 40 degree weather seem a little bit chillier. I decided to wear Under armour leggings, Light Long sleeve shirt and a Jacket over it just in case the rain started. I don't do well in the cold. Yet again, I don't do well in the heat either! Decided against wearing my hat and just hang onto the gloves. I had a feeling I would be hot with the hills but I was too cold waiting around to think about taking anything off at that time

2 Hours Before the race I did my usual pre race meal. I mixed it all in a protein shake and downed it. I was a little worried as to how my stomach was going to hold up as I had some issues with it on Saturday night. Being Gluten intolerant and eating a little wrap on accident called for a afternoon of nausea, dizziness and all the other Gastrointestinal upsets. After drinking the protein shake, I decided to chill and just hydrate with Fluid Replacement drink until I got to the race.

I decided I would be under 90 min so I didn't need too much to start with. I used a Hand held fluid bottle with FLUID hydration and had a gel just in case.

I headed down to the venue around 9:00 and found a great parking spot in one of the lots a block away. I stood there, envisioning a good race.  Leading up to this race, I have had some good times in the last few races and I was feeling confident in my training and I was ready to go Under 90 minutes.

I met up with friends, got into a few pictures, found my training partners and decided to pace with them and see how we would do.

The race was a late start 10:20. I decided to go for a quick warm up to warm up!! After about 10 min I knew I would be a little warm with what I had on but decided to keep it on anyways.

We decided to seat ourselves closer to the front. After announcements, Playing of the national anthem, we were off and running.

The increase in adrenaline was astounding for me! I decided to hold back and just make the first few miles comfortably. We were ticking off 8:20 pace and feeling great!

Mile 2 takes you up Stolp and around the water tower. It is here that I lost my training partners. I looked back and could not find them in the crowd. I decided to keep running in hopes that they would catch up. I was feeling good and took advantage of increasing my pace just a bit. .

Mile 4 Takes you up and around Onondaga park, I loved reading all the words of encouragement etched in chalk on the pavement. Some were pretty funny.

At mile 5 I was feeling pretty warm. The Gloves were off and I was ready to take the Jacket off. I couldn't get it past my Garmin and really didn't want to stop to adjust as I was doing so well with pacing. I decided to zip it down a bit and keep running with it on.

Mile 6 was Colvin st hill. I was feeling a little dead until I heard the awesome band playing the theme song from Rocky Halfway up the hill! Then a Y runner friend was at the top telling me I was looking great and to keep going! I was on cloud 9! I made it up with a sub 9 min mile!! woot!

Mile 7 is just long and it drags on. takes you up past Syracuse University campus. I liked the old course where it turned a bit but now its a false flat with a little incline to just get you out of breath a little more

Mile 8 Was back into Thorden Park with people cheering on a steep quick hill. Again, the writing plastered in chalk on the pavement was so encouraging and helped pushed me up the hill.

Mile 9 was all downhill. I tried to pick off as many runners as I could. Sub 8 min pacing!

Mile 10 I saw another running coach before the last turn onto Salina street. She said the best thing she could to me. "Run until you have nothing left!" And this is what I did!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my time!!

I knew I was pacing well but tried to focus on form and hydration most of the time.

My ending time was 1:23:48. Another PR in the books!!!!

Post race It started to sprinkle and I started to get cold fast with the wind. I quickly went through the refreshment line, Congratulated my running partners on their Phenominal Finish of 1:26, Chatted with a lot of running and tri friends. I ended up making a bee line to my car after about 30 min of shivering.

I am still on cloud 9 from the race. Hoping my next one is just as good!

Next up, Green Lakes Triathlon!! EEEEKKKK!!!

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