Friday, February 10, 2012


Its Friday morning and I have had a wicked sore throat for the last 2 days. This is what stinks about being a medical provider. You get sick at least once a year because this is the time of the year you see so many viruses. I have been a Gargling, honey cough drop, Warm liquid drinking fool.

Anyways in training I have been doing great. I have been being consistent in training which is a plus for me. The weather here has certainly helped as it has been 30-40s here all week. This is not typical for NY in the middle of winter. But, The cold air is coming in for the weekend!! BRRR! It will be in the teens.

Nutrition is ok during workout windows but then it gets thrown out the window at other times. I was reading an article last night that stuck with me in the new Triathlete magazine that popped up in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. It basically said if your nutrition sucks, how are you going to make any gains in taking out your competition? Hmmm...ok. Back to behaving myself. I mean seriously getting back to my core diet. I have been loving the Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate cake a little too much lately!! UGH!

I am preparing for a half marathon next weekend. I cannot believe it has come up so fast! I have put in my mind that I would like this to be under 2 hours. If it isn't, I will be ok as this is not my "A" race. But it is a goal of mine to accomplish. I have been hovering right around 9 min miles for my longer runs so I think I may be able to accomplish this is I pace myself correctly.

This weekend is full of working, training and having a little fun in between. Happy Friday!!


  1. Good luck with your 1/2 marathon. I hope you knock out that sub-2!

  2. try gargling with tequila..just a small shot.... then 15 minutes apart until the pain goes away!

    good luck in the half mary!

  3. You can do it-wishing good weather in the 'cuse!

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