Sunday, December 11, 2011

No time

This month has been so busy. I have had no time to come up for air!

Training is going well. My calf finally doesn't bother me and I have been running steadily high 8min-low 9 min Miles which is such a uplifter right now.

I have been on the bike a few times per week. I recently joined a TRI spin class which will be interesting. Every week we progressively get a little tougher fr 12 weeks until we are back outside and riding! So I hope!

I have been trying to swim at least 2 days a week but sometimes that hasn't been happening d/t scheduling. I have made it to every Masters swim for the last 5 weeks though!! I;m starting to love it!

I have had a few Christmas parties already with too much to eat and drink for the past 2 weekends. Im hoping all the dancing I did will negate the calories.

I have little Christmas shopping done between all of the extra things that are going on . I procrastinate because really, I hate shopping for other people. I never know what to get. Now if I was shopping all for myself, I wuld go crazy.

The weather has been fantastic here in New York. Little cold and windy yesterday but really NO SNoW!! YESSSS!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their December!!

See we can look nice when we arent sporting all the tri gear!! :P


  1. It sounds like things are going really well for you! Yay! AND, your hair is sooo cute! I wish I could pull off short hair!

  2. Hope you had a nice holiday Kristin!