Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is over, A new year to come!

I cannot believe I haven't posed in 15 days!! What have I been doing?! Well, good question, I have been busy with work, getting presents, taking the little one to her activities and working on my own. All while being a good supportive BETTER half to my ha ha!

Anyways, I have let the diet go for the last week and it definately did a toll on my digestive system. It makes me so sick to eat terrible. Really, it does. So back to the Core diet.

I really started back to the training schedule today. I feel refreshed with a good state of mind going into the New Year. I have had alot to be grateful for over the last few months!

After Beach to Battleship, I have been laying low, thinking of next season. I have mixed feelings as I would like to settle down and have more kiddos. I love the sport as well, so I am torn deciding. Anyway I choose, I know my honey will support me as he has done for so many months and years. How did I get so lucky?

I am signing up for a winter half marathon. Im excited about it! It is with a local run club I run with when I can get my tuckus out of bed in the wee hours on a Saturday morning. Its going to be located at the local parkway, Flat, icy, cold, oh wait.....NICE!!! :) I have missed a few of my little runs here and there but am trying to keep my long runs going every weekend!

That reminds me...I need to get in touch with my New Coach!! ahhhh!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! Happy Training


  1. Sometimes a winter race or an early season race is the only way to get out of bed in the cold dark mornings.

    You have had a great year and I look forward to seeing how 2012 rolls out for you.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can't wait to see how 2012 unfolds!