Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cazenovia Triathlon Review

This post is also a little late, but one to share

The Race was 4 weeks after IMLP. I was feeling pretty good going into the race. I was still feeling like I wasn't recovering from my runs as fast as I should, but felt confident in my ability to complete the race.

The only downfall for me was, because I placed 2nd OA at Cooperstown tri, I was asked to try the Championship wave which turned out to be an Intermediate race! I started feeling the negative self talk creep up on me as the race approached. There was a former pro, soon to be pro and a Pro in my wave. How was I to compete with these people?!

I got to the race with plenty of time to spare. I got nervous when my disc wheel wasn't pumping right, but I stayed calm and focused on what I could control at the moment. Luckily, my friend had the attachment I needed to pump up my tires!

Swim 1500m: There was about 12 of us in the wave total. I tried to just get a good position and hold on as long as I could. I knew the people in my wave were pretty fast swimmers! I held onto them for about 1/4 mile and then I was on my own to finish up the 1500m swim. GRRRR!! I didn't sight very well as there was only one cable line and buoys to follow. Still working on that part. Time-30:11

T1: No problems with transition. There was a run up a hill to the mount line, which I liked better in the grass, but hey we all had to do it! 1:03

Bike 25miles: I didn't even have my legs at the start of the bike. I was hoping they would come to me, but I never truly felt good on the bike until the second half. This bike leg has some tough grinder climbs and I just tried to hang on for as long as I could. I did pass one girl on the bike which I was proud of!!
I felt so alone on the course. I knew the better girls probably had a good 3-5 min on me and with my legs feeling like bricks, there was no way I was going to keep up. I just tried to do me and focus on what I could.  Time-1:13:01

T2: Off the bike with shoes still on the bike, run down hill, racked bike. Took a little longer as I put socks on but it was a good move considering I had Blisters from my run the day before. Time-1:03

Run 10k: I felt great on the run. I felt like I was keeping a great pace and kept focusing on forward movement. I saw the other girls ahead of me. I tried to focus on the 3rd girl I saw because she wasn't that far ahead of me. I thought for sure I would catch her, but she must've really put the heat on on the second half because after the turn around, she was gone!! The run is pretty challenging. You are climbing for the first 5K and then down the next 5K. Phew! Time:51:31

Overall Time: 2:36:32
4th overall Female. In a tough bracket. Ill take it.


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