Saturday, April 24, 2010

New WetSuit

I finally got my new wetsuit in the mail this week. I have been drooling over the Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit for a long time. I finally told myself I want it and Im going to get it!!

I tried it on and it made me feel like a traithlete. I felt strong and empowered (Probably because this one slips on me without me having to bathe myself in PAM before I can get into it!!) I finally felt not restricted and free.

This leads me in to thinking about the Triathlon Swim Clinic that I have been taking for the last 8 weeks. Tomorrow is my last day and I have to admit I am sad that it is ending. I really have enjoyed being in a group atmosphere and learning better swim technique and of course competing against other people in my lane. I really think that this swim class has helped me gain confidence in the water. I have shaved minutes off some of my times from taking this class.

Tomorrow will be video analysis again. I cannot wait to compare my videos from the first day until now!! I have learned to enjoy swimming and not stuggle with the water. I cannot wait to test the waters out in a few months on my First 1500meter swim of the season in June!!!!


  1. Nice suit! Are you going to do the TI class too??

  2. I don't think so. I don't think I need it..But Ill be there to help out. Are you going to take it??